Photo Playdate

My girls and I had a great time today with some photographer friends and their kids!  A & A had so much fun exploring and climbing on anything climbable.  …we did end the day with a splinter in a little foot though.  …ah well…the pics wouldn’t have been as cute with their shoes on!

I caved

I caved. I went and bought a USB cable at Radio Shack. Taking a candy break after trick or treating at Louis Vuitton.     Trick or Treating at the Harley Davidson Store.             My children chased this poor rooster around at Sea Life Park.  …you noticed the chicken posed for me …

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I am currently vacationing in Oahu with my 2 and a half-year-old girls and my husband (who is NOT on vacation.  He’s here for work). I managed to forget the cables to load pictures onto my computer, so I can’t edit or post any photos…which is probably a good thing.  I have nothing to do …

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