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  • Baby Aaron's Arrival | Superman Newborn Photos

  • "It's a bird!" "It's a plane!" "NO!" "It's Baby Aaron!" Baby Aaron's arrival was a spectacular occasion for his mom and dad and big brother, Luke. We decided to do his newborn photos in the most "Super" way I could think of. This involved copious amounts of paper mache' , the sacrifice of a sup[...]
  • San Diego Newborn Photographer - Baby Sister

  • This lucky little beauty gets to grow up with two of the cutest and sweetest big brothers a girl could ever hope for.  Her Mommy and Daddy were pretty excited to welcome their first baby girl into their family and I was pretty excited to get to photograph her for her newborn pictures at just 7 days [...]
  • Double Duty - San Diego Newborn Twins Photographer

  • The "S" family had their babies!  They were very blessed with two adorable baby boys.  Their mommy is a total champ and made it through a full-term pregnancy!  Go mama! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph the boys at only 7 days old.  They were so wonderful!  They slept great and m[...]
  • San Diego Newborn Photography

  • Here he is!  My much-anticipated nephew!  He managed to make his appearance while most of the Monroe side of the family was out of town, but I still got ahold of him while he was tiny!  He is adorable and loves his auntie.  I can tell. Welcome to the family, Luke!  I will always be here to sneak [...]