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  • East County San Diego - Family Photography

  • This is part two of my session with Baby "B" and his mom and dad.  Our first session got rained out and turned into an indoor session, so we decided to do some outdoor pics a few weeks later...which also almost got rained out!  ...not having the best of luck with rain lately.  If it could only rain [...]
  • Improvising

  • Improvisation tends to be an important skill in this business.  Here we have adorable baby "B."  He was right on the verge of learning how to crawl when we scheduled this session.  Unfortunately, it rained on our sunny San Diego that day, so we decided to improvise and do an indoor session so we cou[...]
  • Double Duty - San Diego Newborn Twins Photographer

  • The "S" family had their babies!  They were very blessed with two adorable baby boys.  Their mommy is a total champ and made it through a full-term pregnancy!  Go mama! I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph the boys at only 7 days old.  They were so wonderful!  They slept great and m[...]
  • San Diego Newborn Photography

  • Here he is!  My much-anticipated nephew!  He managed to make his appearance while most of the Monroe side of the family was out of town, but I still got ahold of him while he was tiny!  He is adorable and loves his auntie.  I can tell. Welcome to the family, Luke!  I will always be here to sneak [...]