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  • San Diego Newborn Twin Photography

  • This brother and sister were just a week old during this session.  They were very fortunate to be born close to term and very healthy and VERY cute!  They were both such sweet babies and they had such great HAIR!  My own twins didn't really get much hair at all until they were a year old, so I find [...]
  • San Diego Urban Family Photography

  • So, urban sessions are my new favorite thing!  After driving around aimlessly downtown a few weeks ago, I found this location and I've been dying to do a session there for someone other than my own kids!  The lighting was pretty, the family was beautiful, and only one person tried to steal my bench.[...]
  • Under the Sea – La Jolla Family Photographer

  • Mother Nature has her own schedule and she doesn't always check in with me before she makes it.  The nerve. The little stretch of beach I was planning to do 4 sessions at Saturday morning was completely underwater when I arrived.  ...something about a storm surge and high tide...whatever. Luckily, [...]
  • Vacation – San Diego Newborn Twin Photographer

  • Photographing newborn twins always brings back lots of memories!  It's hard to imagine how much work it is to have twins until you actually have them.  I told these little cuties' mom that my husband took four weeks off work when my girls were born and when he went back he felt like he was going on [...]