Vacation – San Diego Newborn Twin Photographer

Photographing newborn twins always brings back lots of memories!  It’s hard to imagine how much work it is to have twins until you actually have them.  I told these little cuties’ mom that my husband took four weeks off work when my girls were born and when he went back he felt like he was going on vacation.  She said her husband felt the same way!
Honestly, this mom really seemed to be handling the whole thing a lot better than I did!  She looked beautiful and was very calm and happy.   You’d never know she was only sleeping an hour or two at a time every night!

Photographing twins is a great way to fulfill my sacred duty as a mother of twins to spread the word to new twin parents that it does get easier!  It really does!   Once you start getting one solid 4 or 5 hour stretch of sleep every night…or most nights…you’ll start to feel human again!  I promise!

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