Five Years Old – San Diego Birthday Party Photographer

My twin girls turned five on January 9th!  I asked them to stay four (very politely, I might add), but they just insisted on turning five.  So, since they were determined to get another year older, we decided to have a birthday party to celebrate.  We (meaning ME), decided on a “Unicorns and Rainbows (and dragons for the boys)” birthday party this year.  We’d planned to have it in my parents’ backyard as per usual, but our beautiful San Diego weather decided to mess with me, so we relocated at the last minute to My Kids Clubhouse in Bonita.  It turned out great!  The kids had a ton of fun, the employees were very helpful, and most importantly, we all stayed warm and dry.  Fun party details included, a rainbow veggie plate,  a combination of cake, cupcakes, and cake-pops for guests to choose from, rainbow fruit kabobs, hand-made decorations, unicorn and dragon stuffed animal favors, and a hand-print art craft.

I know it’s a little too academy awards-ey, but I want to take the opportunity to thank a few people that made this party possible:

Special thanks to:

  • My sister, Amy, of Amy Gray Photography for taking photos at the party.
  • My dear talented friends (at least I hope they’re still my friends) Erin (see her Etsy Store HERE) and Greg (Professional Adventurer) for hand-printing 30 kids and making dragons and unicorns out of the handprints…all in about an hour and a half.  You guys were awesome.
  • Pocket Full of Glitter provided all of the hand-made rainbow and unicorn decorations for the party. (Banner, cupcake toppers, cake topper, welcome sign, thank you tags, and die-cuts for invitations)  You can find her Etsy Store HERE.
  • Mapletree 2000’s “Best Little Dress” Etsy store provided my girls’ adorable rainbow dresses for the party.  They were handmade and they have lots of room to grow in them.
  • The birthday cake was delicious by all reports.  I couldn’t try it, because it wasn’t gluten-free, but folks say it was yummy and I choose to believe them.  It came from Hans and Harry’s Bakery in Bonita.
  • My mom.  Because she is awesome and helped with everything.  And my dad because he’s awesome and helped with everything too.
  • My hubby.  He made me the wood #5’s and the cake-pop stand and didn’t freak when he found out I invited 35 kids.

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