San Diego Baby Photographer | My Cutie Pie Nephew

I got to babysit my baby nephew again recently when my sister-in-law, Stephanie took my girls out for a super special Auntie Day tea party at the Hotel Del Coronado. While the three of them drank tea and ate caviar (yes, my kids legit ate caviar), Romeo and I visited the park and I just HAPPENED to have my camera with me. Total fluke. Yah. You’re not buying it, are you? I love to photograph this little guy. His expressions just crack me up!

01-Melanie Monroe Photography-104.jpg
15-Melanie Monroe Photography-132.jpg
07-Melanie Monroe Photography-118.jpg
04-Melanie Monroe Photography-111.jpg
06-Melanie Monroe Photography-117.jpg
10-Melanie Monroe Photography-122.jpg
08-Melanie Monroe Photography-119.jpg
13-Melanie Monroe Photography-129.jpg

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