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Have you met my Mom? …cuz you should. My Mom is amazing. (Seriously…amazing.)

My Mom’s birthday was on June 4th.
Every year (since Steven was 2) for her birthday, my sister and I dress up our children, take photos of them, and fail to get a canvas made in time for her birthday.
It’s kinda tradition at this point, so now we just plan to be late and instead give her several 8X10’s of all four kids together so she can choose which one she wants for her canvas.
It’s practically thoughtful.

Usually I’m on kid-wrangling duty, but this year, since they are all SO OLD, I took the opportunity to take some photos too.
…only one of all four of them together since I was desperately trying to get them to all smile during the other poses of the four of them, but lots of other photos.
..although, apparently none of Steven. Sorry, kid.
Go check out Amy’s blog post of this same session to see more! (Including pics of the boy-child.)
People always assume our children are just perfect little models since we are photographers and must take photos of them all the time. Not so, my friends! Not so!
See, these poor children already know all the tricks I use on kids during photo sessions. You can’t use the same jokes for 5 years in a row and expect it to still be funny.
I think we may have to bring in reinforcements next year. DADS.

At least they looked good! I absolutely love styling photo sessions!
This year we decided to make use of the awesome cowboy boots my Aunt Kellie and Uncle Ken brought them from Texas and planned all the clothes around them!
My sister MADE all the flower crowns out of real flowers in the afternoon right before the session.
She seems to have some magical power to multiply time so that she can get more done in a day than the average muggle.
(Maybe a time-turner is involved? …more investigation needed.)

Anywho…here are the photos. I think they’re pretty rad. Check out Amy’s too. They are extra super rad because they actually have all four children in them.

Also, don’t you want a photo session for your kids here?! It’s in East County, so my mini-session rates are available for this location!


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