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A bride with a sense of adventure is truly a wonderful thing!  After photographing Ryan and Lisa’s wedding last month, I asked Lisa if she’d be up for a fun bridal portrait shoot after she got back from her honeymoon and before she got her dress cleaned.  She was totally game!  You should’ve seen her hiking around the trails in HEELS!  What a champ!  I would’ve broken my ankle about three times.  Me and heels do not mix.  …I’ve actually had friends threaten to take my shoes away and make me go barefoot because they were worried I’d injure myself.  True story.

Here’s just a small peek of some of the rad bridal portraits we got!  There are so many more great ones still to edit!  What a FUN SESSION!

Also, just gotta throw this out there.  Bridal shoots don’t necessarily have to be for the recently wed!  I took photos in my wedding dress just before my 10th wedding anniversary.  It was a blast and I love the photos I got!  So, if this is something you think you might want to do, definitely ask!  I absolutely love doing bridal portraits!


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