Newborn-ish Twin Photos | Better late than never San Diego Photographer

My twin girls are going to be 9 in January, so they were born before Facebook really took off and before Newborn photography was popular.  Every single time I do a newborn session, I get a little sad that I didn’t do a session with a newborn photographer for my girls.  Honestly, it probably would’ve been a disastrous scream-fest (they were not easy babies), but I still wish I would’ve done it.  Even one great picture would’ve been worth it.  But, I had no clue that newborn photography was a thing.  I had no clue you could hire a photographer to come to your home and spend three hours getting beautiful pictures of your babies.

I told my girls once that I should just take newborn photos of them now since I didn’t have any from when they were born.  They thought that was just about the funniest idea ever, so about a week ago, when I asked them to help me test out some studio lighting set-ups, they decided it was newborn photo time!  There was a lot of giggling involved and honestly, during the process, I often thought that actual babies would’ve been easier than two goofy 8-year-olds that had a hard time not laughing during their pictures!  But, it was super fun, and honestly, I seriously love some of these pictures.  They are corny and ridiculous and I love them.  They may not end up a giant canvas in my house, but I still am glad I have them.

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