Due-date – San Diego Twin Photographer

I had the opportunity to photograph these precious girls after their long stay in the NICU.  They came home right around their due date, so they are two months old, but still newborn-sized!  They are small, but they are mighty!  They are giving their parents a run for their money and I was deeply reminded of my own experience with my girls when they were newborns.


Below are a few pics of my first week as a mother of two.  (I’m very thankful to Grandpa Jerry for getting some great photos of my girls early on.  If it weren’t for him, all I’d have were snapshots!)  I was very fortunate to have carried my girls to 38 weeks with no complications, so I didn’t have to go through the stress of having two babies in the NICU.  They came right home with us from the hospital and were crazy, colicky babies from basically the moment they were born.  …sometimes (ok, OFTENTIMES) I wished I could take them back and demand a refund!
Glad I didn’t though.  I’m kinda fond of my little stinkers now!

…and, yes.  I wore makeup to my scheduled C-section.   Judge me all you like.  I wanted to meet my children looking FIERCE!


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  2. Oh, they’re sweet! Love the belly button shot and their big brown eyes! Fun seeing the photos of your “comic pregnancy” and A&A as newborns. I remember that. 🙂

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