“Camping” trip to Julian – San Diego Child Photographer

So, we started out with the intention of going camping with our children.  Due to a lack of planning, a lack of camping gear, and a lack of motivation, we ended up “settling” for a two-night stay at a beautiful Bed and Breakfast in Julian!  It turned out to be a good choice because it was HOT!  I was definitely thankful for the AC! …and the king-sized bed, and the whirlpool bath, and the coffee-maker…

…Maybe we’re just not a family that camps.  I think I’m cool with that.

2 thoughts on ““Camping” trip to Julian – San Diego Child Photographer”

  1. Rachele Rickert

    Awww! They look so much older in these pics for some reason. Probably because they are growing up! Sniff, sniff, right?

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