Fall in San Diego | Family Field Photographer

Yes, there are a lot of photos in this blog post, but in my defense, I love, love, love this family’s field session and I had a hard time choosing.
This was one of those kind of sessions where leading up to it, it was kinda iffy how it was going to go. We were (the San Diego version of) “plagued” with rain in the days leading up to our originally scheduled date, then when it cleared up on the day of the session, the baby had a little accident that involved a big owie, blood, and an urgent care visit, so needless to say, we rescheduled! More rain, more rain, (photographer freaking out), then yay! It’s clear and pretty! Then we arrived at the location and the park was inexplicably gated off an hour and a half before closing time. Totally closed, padlocked, the whole deal for no particular reason other than to make it really exciting for us to figure out how to get that black bench from my car to the that cool tree out in the field about 1/4 mile away. Luckily my lovely client is also a friend, so I was somewhat less mortified than I would’ve been with a client who was a complete stranger. They totally rolled with it, popped the baby in the stroller and away we went on our little off-roading-with-a-bench adventure. Sometimes you just have to laugh. And laugh we did! Their kids thought I was hilarious. (They are VERY smart kids.) It was freezing cold (in San Diego terms), but luckily this brilliant mama dressed her family appropriately and I love the very autumnal feel we acheived in this pictures. There was lots of laughing and fun times to be had. Good memories always make the best pictures. *love. 13-Melanie Monroe Photography-177.jpg05-Melanie Monroe Photography-148.jpg27-Melanie Monroe Photography-192.jpg

21-Melanie Monroe Photography-170.jpg
19-Melanie Monroe Photography-155.jpg25-Melanie Monroe Photography-189.jpg
11-Melanie Monroe Photography-151.jpg
07-Melanie Monroe Photography-182.jpg28-Melanie Monroe Photography-197.jpg
23-Melanie Monroe Photography-130.jpg
03-Melanie Monroe Photography-126.jpg
01-Melanie Monroe Photography-106.jpg26-Melanie Monroe Photography-191.jpg
09-Melanie Monroe Photography-173.jpg
15-Melanie Monroe Photography-206.jpg
17-Melanie Monroe Photography-205.jpg

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