Merry Christmas! My Family’s Christmas Card Photo Session | Amy Gray Photography

Merry Christmas!

This year my family decided to do something a little different for our family Christmas card photos.
We visited Belmont Park at Mission Bay and played games, went on rides, and took a stroll on the beach…and there were some pictures.
I love the results! Thank you so much to Amy Gray Photography for giving me the photos I was dreaming of!
We had a great time and made some fantastic memories to go along with our fantastic photos!

03-Melanie Monroe Photography-116.jpg
05-Melanie Monroe Photography-102-2.jpg
07-Melanie Monroe Photography-104-2.jpg
08-Melanie Monroe Photography-105-2.jpg
12-Melanie Monroe Photography-109-2.jpg
13-Melanie Monroe Photography-110-2.jpg
02-Melanie Monroe Photography-100.jpg
16-Melanie Monroe Photography-113-2.jpg
17-Melanie Monroe Photography-114-2.jpg

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